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The real estate business has been through some major changes from the year 2000 to today. If you are a homeowner and bought a property at the height of things in 2007 to the middle of 2008, chances are you felt the loss of losing equity over night. If you were looking to buy a home after the crash, you were able to find a multitude of deals on the market with home owners begging you to buy their property.

Investors also felt the pain of the down turn in the housing market, and if they weren’t prepared lost a lot of money also. Some investors were able to capitalize on the all the cheap inventory and become wealthy almost over night.

Some areas of the United States have since recovered and are doing well having almost pre-crash prices, while other areas of the country are still reeling from the crash. It is important not only for investors but for individual home owners to also know where it is a good place to buy a property and where to stay away from.

Our site will have tons of information to help individual home owners and investors alike with where to purchase and also help in getting your purchase completed. We will have information on realtors, lenders, investors and everything else in between in your local area. It will also be a great place to learn more about who is in your back yard that can help you get more properties and also network with.

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