How Does We Buy Houses For Cash Work?

In our last post we covered a little about these “we buy houses companies”, but how do they operate? Home owners may be in a situation where they are wondering how the process works with these “we buy houses” companies. Perhaps you received something in the mail and they want to buy your house. Maybe you have received a phone call with a promising offer to buy your home. So what now?

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What Is The Process?

It’s usually pretty simple. You usually call them or fill out a questionnaire online and they will come out to your house that you want to sell and they will make you an offer. Word Of Caution – beware of anyone that makes you an offer for your property sight unseen. Think about it, would you buy anything, especially such a large purchase without even seeing what you are buying?

There are a couple of benefits to selling to these types of buyers –

  1. They make offers fast: many — particularly the larger companies, like We Buy Ugly Houses — will make an all-cash offer quickly, often in a matter of days
  2. They’ll buy your house “as is”: most will purchase your home regardless of its condition, size, location, or age

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For some people those two points are all that matters. However, these types of sales aren’t for everyone!

Why Sellers Are Enticed By These Companies

Usually the types of home owners that are wanting to use these types of companies are in a bind. They really need to sell. There is no way that one of these companies are going to pay top dollar for a property.

Here are the types of sellers that can be helped by these types of “we buy houses companies” –

  • Sellers whose homes are stagnant on the market
  • Couples who have filed a divorce and would be separating
  • Homeowners facing bankruptcy
  • Sellers with homes in probate or foreclosure
  • Homeowners who are relocating for jobs
  • Homeowners who are evicting tenants
  • Unoccupied homes

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Those are just a few of the reasons why someone might consider selling to this type of buyer. There are also inherited properties, properties that are in disrepair or fire and water damaged properties.

The Break Down

Here is a great explanation on how the entire process will play out –

Fill out the Appropriate Forms
As with most processes in life, your first step when selling a house for cash is to fill out the appropriate forms. The forms will ask you for information that is pertinent to the sale of the house, including the location of the property. You will also have to provide some personal information as well. You can fill this form out at the office of the company with which you are working. You can also save yourself a trip and visit the company’s website to fill out the form.

Schedule a Meeting With a Houses for Cash Company
A representative from the house buying company will contact you to schedule a meeting after the office receives your paperwork. This meeting will take place in your home so the representative can take a look at the property. This meeting and viewing will help the company determine an estimated value of the house.

The Offer
The company will then present you with a no-obligation offer for the house. The offer will be based on the overall condition of the house. Although “we buy houses for cash” companies are known for buying houses that are in poor condition, or that are damaged in some ways, the final monetary offer will be lower for houses that are not in reasonably good condition.

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It’s usually just that simple. The process may vary depending on the company you are contacting. They all have their little “quirks”.

The important thing to remember is that it is totally up to you if you decide to take their offer or not. We have heard of crazy low ball offers from some of these companies.

All in all, if you are thinking of using a company like this be sure and do your home work and ensure they are a legit company.

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Are We Buy Houses Companies Unethical?

Today we want to touch on a subject that is getting a lot of press today, the “we buy houses” companies. There are a lot of companies out there that buy houses, and in our experience some are good, and some are bad. But what we want to touch on in this article is what they do and the service that they provide, is it really ethical?

We Buy Houses Unethical?

In a previous article that we posted back in March “How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Selling To A We Buy Houses Company” we wrote a little bit about how to make sure you that if you are in a bad situation and need to sell a home quickly, that you find a reputable company.

So yes, we think there are companies out there that are legit when it comes to selling your home. There are home owners that are in a difficult situation and need to sell a home very quickly. For those people, these companies can be a true blessing.

One of the situations that we find they are most helpful is when someone is facing foreclosure, and the homeowner has equity in the home. If they were to let the bank foreclose on the property, the bank would then get all of that equity. However, if they are able to sell the property quickly to one of the we buy houses companies, often times they can walk away with some of that equity.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A We Buy Houses Company

What it comes down to is whether or not you are dealing with a legit company or not. Yes, there are companies out there that are just waiting to take advantage of some unsuspecting seller!

Here are a few scenarios that may present themselves from unscrupulous companies –

They ask for small upfront fees. Companies that purchase houses for cash don’t ask for any fees aside from the offer the give you.

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If someone asks you for an up front fee to buy your house, either hang up the phone or if they are already at your home, tell them to leave or you are calling the police! In no way shape or form should you make a payment to anyone to buy your home!

2. Asking for contingencies in the contract for inspections, financing, or investor approval. This indicates that the buyer likely can’t close on the property themselves. A true cash investor will sign a contract as-is with no contingencies.

3. They tell you that they will send some contractors, inspectors, or appraisers to check your house. These people could be the real buyers, and the agent you thought was the buyer is trying to sell your house wholesale so they can get a commission fee.

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This is a little iffy because sometimes if you property is really run down and not maintained, they may need to have some of their contractors come in. But for the most part, this is good advice. However some people are okay with someone wholesaling their property to another investor.

They told me on the phone it was an all cash offer

These guys will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get a foot in the door. However, once they are in the door, they will undoubtedly try and persuade you to sell your house to them with owner-financing. They will try to have you deed the property to them while leaving the mortgage in your name.

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There are situations where we have seen that this is an acceptable offer. The two ways are for elderly people that don’t want to get all of that money at once and have to pay taxes on it and prefer small monthly payments. The other is when the seller has no equity in the house and can’t sell the traditional route with an agent.

Here is a video that also explains a little –


So in my humble opinion, are “we buy houses” companies unethical? Some are, some aren’t. Everyone’s situation is different, there aren’t any cookie cutter situations and companies that fit for every person. Just be sure and do your research them like we mention in our previous article to determine if you are dealing with a good company or not.

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I Need To Sell My House Fast, What Do I Do?

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Should You Sell Your Home As Is Or Fix It Up?

We are already into the 2nd quarter of 2018 and the housing market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down all across the county. It is a “Sellers” market right now. The question a lot of sellers are faced with is whether or not they should try and sell their house just the way it is, or should they fix it up.

Should You Sell “As Is” Or Make Repairs?

So here is the answer you are waiting on… Depends! There are a few things that you have to consider yourself. One is do you have the money to make the repairs? Another is will you recoup the money you spend on the repairs? Another is what kind of condition are the houses in your local market in? Lastly (and there are more, but we will stop here) is are you trying to get top dollar for your property?

Let’s tackle the last question first, are you trying to get top dollar. Here is some insight –

If sellers have the time, money and the inclination, they’ll come out way ahead by fixing any problems before listing their house for sale. If your house is in move-in condition it will appeal to a wider group of prospective home buyers. For example, first-time home buyers, and buyers with busy lifestyles, often won’t even consider buying a home that needs a lot of work. That’s because they don’t have the time or the experience to deal with the problems.

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So if you are trying to get top dollar, yes you have to make ALL repairs. With the way the market is in most of the country this will more than likely start a bidding war, which could in fact get you even more than your asking price!

Next you have to stop and find out if you will get your money back by making repairs or more importantly –  updates. Here is some great advice from The Balance:

Before deciding to make specific repairs before resale, take an afternoon off to tour other homes in the neighborhood of sale with your agent.

Note the condition and amenities in those homes. Compare these homes to yours. If, for example, most of the homes on the market have upgraded kitchens, you should concentrate on fixing the kitchen.

This doesn’t mean you need to buy designer appliances and tear out the cabinets. But a minor kitchen remodel might be a good investment. Sometimes, simply painting oak cabinets a darker color and installing updated hardware can give your kitchen an all-new look.

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The kitchens and bathrooms of the comparable homes are important aspects to consider, especially kitchens. You would be surprised how a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and new hardware can brighten the room. For the most part you should be able to have a minor kitchen remodel from $10,000 to $15,000. Bathrooms may be a little trickier, but you may be able to find a new vanity and paint the walls and get it done for under $1,000, depending on the vanity you choose.

Now what if you don’t have the money to make repairs? If your house is in need of a new roof, you may have a bit of a problem on your hands. Clearly in this situation you will not be able to get top dollar, and will more than likely have to get involved in some serious negotiations. Your pool of buyers will also greatly be affected.

But let’s say that your house just needs updating, like the kitchens and bathrooms and maybe some new carpet. Again, the amount of buyers lining up to buy your house will be shorter. But, there are people out there that will be willing to buy it, you may just have to wait a little longer for the right one to come along. Here is a little advice from Jack Guttentag

When it Pays to Sell As Is: I sold my house as is because I had already committed to a new one and wanted detachment from the old one as soon as possible. Furthermore, the buyer who fell in love with my old house had the financial capacity to pay for all needed improvements. She didn’t need the larger mortgage that would have been obtainable if I had made the improvements. In addition, one of the required improvements to my old house was to a deck, which could be done in a variety of ways based on individual taste, and it made no sense to do it according to my taste.

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In Jack’s case it worked out well for him selling his house as is. It’s probably worth noting that it doesn’t seem like his house was in need of major repairs, like a roof or had structural issues.

Lastly, we want to leave you with some great advice from Ilyce Glink about repairs that you should make no matter what when selling your house –

So there you have it. It really does depend on your situation. Depending on the amount of repairs that need to be made will determine how long you have to wait before you are able to put your house on the market. The good news is that once all of the repairs are made and your house is in tip top shape, you will probably have a buyer in no time, and maybe even a bidding war with people competing to buy your house!

Looking for more home selling tips? Check out some of my favorite sources –

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Selling To A We Buy Houses Company

A lot of people need to sell their house fast. Many times they see the signs on the sides of the road that say “we buy houses”. The problem is there are may of these companies that are trying to scam you. So how do you know your are dealing with a real company and one that isn’t trying to take advantage of you? Keep reading to learn how.

Finding A Legitimate We Buy Houses Company

You may be tempted to call one of those signs on the side of the road. This may be a red flag right off the bat. In many cities these signs which are called “bandit signs” are illegal. So what does that say about the company itself. Also, this may also be someone that is fresh out of some guru’s seminar that is trying to get into real estate investing. Almost all of these guru’s tell people to start putting out these signs to start getting leads.

We found an interesting article on Blogger that has more to say on these bandit signs:

You have probably seen all of the signs on the side of the road “We Buy Houses”. But how do you know if that company is really legit? The first thing – is it a hand written sign? If so, if they don’t have the money to pay for a nice custom sign do they really have the money to buy your house??

Do An Internet Search

Can you easily find them on the web? After you call one of those we buy houses signs and get their information, do yourself a favor and Google them. Do they have a website? Can you find who the owners are of the company? If not, you may want to think twice about using them.

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They make a good point about the hand written signs as well as performing and internet search for the company. Searching them out on the web and finding reviews about the company is probably one of the best things you can do to find out if you are dealing with a legitimate company or not.

Knowing A Legitimate Company

So how do you know if you are actually dealing with a legitimate company and aren’t being scammed? Besides researching them on the internet, here are some additional good tips:

Check Out the Buyer

If you have any concerns about the buyer, don’t hesitate to check them out. Contact your state Attorney General’s office, your state’s Real Estate Commission, or your District Attorney’s Consumer Fraud Unit. If they are an established business, also check out the Better Business Bureau.

Always Understand What You’re Signing

Not asking questions because you are afraid of looking stupid could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more if you end up in a deal that wasn’t what you thought it was. A lawyer or even your mortgage company can help you if you want professional advice from a third party. Never, ever sign a contract that you don’t understand.

Get All Agreements in Writing

If a disagreement arises about a verbal agreement, the issue becomes your word against theirs and often must go to a court of law to be settled. Don’t risk that. Insist that all terms be in writing, and don’t agree to anything that isn’t.

Continue reading “How To Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

Knowing what you are signing as well as making sure that you have a written agreement is important. Under no circumstances should you ever just accept any verbal offers without something written down. Without a written contract your house really isn’t sold. You may want to have an attorney look over the document as well if you are in a state that does not require closing with an attorney.


If you have to sell your home now and don’t have time to wait for a buyer, there are legitimate we buy houses companies out there. Do your homework and research the company online, make sure you have a written contract and have your attorney review the document and you should be able to avoid being scammed.

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Don’t Give Up On Your Real Estate Investment Business

Sometimes it can be, and seem like you are doing nothing but spinning your tires and climbing up hill when trying to find good real estate investment deals. However, there is hope. As long as you stay focused and don’t give up, sooner or later you will get your first or next real estate investment. Just how to go about this and make it easier is what I will touch on here and hopefully keep you motivated.

Don't give up on your real estate investing business

Don’t Give Up On Your Marketing

I’ve been in the same place that you are right now, “when will I find a deal”?  It can really run you down and almost enough to make you loose hope and wonder if you need to find another occupation. I’m here to tell you though that if you give up, more than likely your next deal was just right around the corner.

Paul Esajian from Fortune Builders (one of my favorite blogs for real estate investing) has some really good tips and thoughts on this:

2. Give Your Marketing a Chance

It can be frustrating, when trying to get your real estate investing career off the ground, to endure the many stops-and-starts that come from marketing for real estate deals. Though we’d love to able to predict with absolute certainty what the results of our marketing will be, it’s not always a quid pro quo — do “this” and “that” will happen — situation. This requires we approach our marketing with patience, focus and more than a little innovation.

Key things to keep in mind include:

Not giving up too early: Just because those 10 bandit signs you put up over the weekend or those 50 direct mail postcards you sent out last month didn’t yield any instant leads, doesn’t mean that the entire campaign should be scrapped. It’s important to give each form of your marketing — whether Facebook Ads or Craigslist posts — a chance to work its magic.

Know what’s working: Again, it’s all about the numbers. What’s your conversion rate? What’s your cost per lead? Which marketing sources create the best, most profitable leads, and which provide very little return on investment (ROI)? Many times what you don’t do is just as important as what you do do when it comes to marketing.

Always be testing: Unfortunately, there is very little “set it and forget it” when it comes to marketing. You must always be attentive to how a marketing campaign is doing, and whether there is any way that you can improve it, even on a small scale. Will a change in copy (or color scheme or subject line) make a difference? Change one thing at a time and track your results. This can often reduce marketing cost, and make the slightest difference between profit and loss.

Finish Reading Paul’s Article Here

Good advice from the Pro’s. One thing I want you to take away from that is the amount of bandit signs and direct mailings he mentioned – 10 and 50. Those numbers aren’t very big at all. I suggest that you should be doing at least 25 bandit signs and a few hundred mailers. This will greatly increase your odds of finding a deal.

If you have the time put out 20 to 40 bandit signs. This can be more of a time commitment than with mailers. The reason for that is because in most cities now you have to put out your signs on Friday night, then pick them up Sunday evening because of code enforcement. Most municipalities will not allow you to have bandit signs out during the week and will fine you. So because you have to pick them up, it’s much more time consuming.

However with mailers you should be able to do a lot more than 50. If you are purchasing lists, more than likely it’s bigger than 50. Go ahead and hit the entire list to increase your odds of finding a deal.

Have You Tried Wholesalers?

Network With A Real Estate Wholesaler

This is sometimes overlooked by investors. Why not connect and network with wholesalers? I know, some people don’t want to pay any extra than they have too. But if you find a good real estate wholesaler, then there will be plenty of meat left on the bone for you. That means that even after you pay them their markup there is still plenty of money for you to make after repairing and selling a property.

There are lots of ways to connect with other wholesalers. First, look for bandit signs and contact them, see if they have a deal for you. Next your local real estate investor association. All of the major cities have multiple associations that you can attend and just network the room and let other investors know you are looking for good deals for yourself. And of course, don’t forget the internet. Just do a search for “wholesale real estate deals” and you will find a few. Just don’t forget to do your due diligence before purchasing any investment property.

Summing It Up

Whatever you do – don’t give up! There are deals out there, even with the market as strong as it is. Take Paul’s advice and also network with other investors and you will be sure to come up with a deal before you know it.


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Are You Using The Power Of Social Media?

Now days people spend way more time on their computers and mobile phones than they do watching regular TV. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that if you have a real estate business that you should have a website to bring in new customers and clients. If you are buying or selling your primary residence, then your Realtor (if you are using one) is probably marketing on the web. But are you using what is probably becoming the most powerful form of advertising on the web now – SOCIAL MEDIA?!

There are so many platforms out there it can make your head spin. And it seems like there are new platforms coming out almost everyday! The thing about social media is that – it’s SOCIAL. People tend to share things with their friends and family, therefore giving you an advantage over your competition.

Let’s look at this from a couple of different perspectives. First, let’s look at it form the perspective of a person that is trying to sell their home on their own – or what is known as FSBO – For Sale By Owner.

Social Media can bring in way more potential buyers for you, especially facebook. Facebook is probably the best place for a homeowner to “list” their house that they are wanting to sell. One thing you can do is to go ahead and make a post that you are trying to sell your house. Then you can ask your friends to share that post with their friends. Before you know it, thousands of people will have seen your property that you are trying to sell. With facebook you can also create ads fairly inexpensively to get even more eyes on your house you are wanting to sell.

Now lets look at Social Media for Real Estate Professionals, whether you are an investor, realtor, hard money lender, etc.

There are lots of different social media platforms out there, but in my experience probably the best platforms for advertising are;

  1. FaceBook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. LinkedIn

Yes, there are other platforms out there, but these are what I have seen with the greatest ROI. Also, if you try and do to many different platforms more than likely it will be to much for you to handle and you won’t be able to post on each of them frequently enough.

With facebook you can do the same things that a home owner can do to attract more clients and customers. However you wouldn’t want to be making posts about your business on your personal profile, but create a Company Page on facebook.

Twitter is also another fantastic place to get results. Twitter is a platform where you can only post 140 characters, which doesn’t seem like a lot. If you spend a couple of minutes on what you want to say, you can get your message across with those few characters, and drive traffic to your website if you want.

YouTube – this platform is getting bigger all the time, and now it looks like facebook is trying to get in on how popular youtube is by having their own platform for videos. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world! It only comes in second to Google, and a few years ago Google purchased Youtube.

Youtube videos are a fantastic way to engage with your customers and clients. People are watching more and more videos every year. I have actually read where some experts predict that video will take over the web by the year 2020.

One thing that we have noticed is that sometimes our videos also appear in the search engines. This is great because not only is our company website on Page 1 of Google search, but also our video. By having Google analytic’s on our channel, we are able to see that there are more people watching our video first before going to our website.

Lastly, LinkedIn. A lot of people only look at LinkedIn as a place to post their resume. Boy are they dead wrong. I have made some fantastic connections or LinkedIn that have turned out to be very lucrative.

When you are first starting out, I recommend that you only start with 2 different platforms at first. The reason being that you don’t want to get overwhelmed and not post frequently enough. You need to engage with other people on a regular basis to get the most out of these profiles.

Another thing you need to do is that when you are creating your profiles you need to optimize them properly for your profession. What I mean by that is that you put in your description or about section a few keywords for your field of expertise. Don’t over do it though as it will look spammy and the search engines won’t like it. Use several different keywords and don’t repeat the same keywords over and over.

Social media is only going to get stronger and more important for the person performing a FSBO and for real estate businesses in general. If you aren’t using these platforms, you need to be. As I stated above, these 4 are just my favorites, there are many more out there. Go ahead and experiment and think outside of the box and try using some of the others. Just make sure to have some way to track your results so that you can make sure you are getting a good ROI on your efforts.

There are tons of blogs and articles out there to help you with your social media endeavors, and here are a few of my favorite places that I learn from that you can too. Even though most things you find concerning social media and internet marketing for the real estate profession will be geared towards realtors, you can also apply them to your real estate business.

An In-Depth Look At Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Social

Using Social Media For Real Estate Professionals

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We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.

What You Need To Know About Real Estate Investment Properties

Atlanta Wholesale Deals

One of the most trending industries in the market today all around the globe is the real estate industry and rental properties. We all know that land does not depreciate, but it appreciates. Time, as well as other market forces such as demand and supply, does not have any impact on the land. Real estate is directly related to land. As time goes by, more people are in need of homes as well as business premises. What does this mean? This means that real estate investment properties are the best deal in the market and you need to know where and how to find great wholesale properties to invest in.

Many people have recognized the business gap in real estate investment, but very few have taken the initiative actually to invest in wholesale real estate properties. Investing in real estate is an appealing idea but this does not mean that it is easy. However, we cannot dispute the fact that real estate property investment is a great idea whether as a full-time job or a part-time job. Like any other business endeavor, there is a right way as well as a wrong way to go about it.

The returns that come with correct real estate property investment are quite impressive. However, it takes a while before you start enjoying the benefits. This means that if you invest the wrong way, you will likely not enjoy the benefits. Going about the investment process the wrong way might end up costing you a lot of money. It is, therefore, imperative that if you are thinking of engaging in real estate investment properties, do some research to ensure that you don’t waste your money. Make sure the market you are going to invest in is a stable one and you can get a great deal on a property.

Below are some of the factors that make real estate property investment a great deal.

1. Fair cash-on-cash returns – Implies that when you take your liquid cash and invest in an asset, the money earns a return rate hence a fair cash-on-cash return.

2. Not too risky – Buying a simple but nice established cash flow wholesale investment property is too easy and does not involve a lot of risks.

3. Doesn’t require a lot of managing and time – Choosing nice and simple Real estate investment properties reduces the hassles of managing the property.

4. Avoid paying retail. Paying retail means you will take longer to realize great cash-on-cash returns. It is very important to connect with other real estate investors to find the best wholesale deals.

Here are some of the mistakes that people make when it comes to real estate investment properties.

* Miscalculating estimates.
* Misjudging cash flow.
* Skipping research.
* Paying too much.
* Thinking that you will get rich fast.

Avoid such common mistakes to ensure that you get to enjoy the full benefits of real estate property investment.

As mentioned above, connecting with other real estate investors is probably the best way to make sure you get a great price on your investment property. One great company to connect with whether you are looking for a fix and flip or a buy and hold is This Great House LLC out of Atlanta GA. They specialize in properties all around the Metro Atlanta area. Most parts of the Atlanta market are booming and their website is a great place to find Atlanta Wholesale Deals. Kevin Morice, the owner of the company, has been investing in Real Estate for 15 years full time and really knows the numbers on what makes a great wholesale investment property or not. Be sure and check them out – and here is a short video that tells a little about them and their contact info also –

Update – we also have started dealing with this company – MPG Deals and have found them to be a great source for investment properties!

We received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that we would mention it on our blog. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will be good for our readers.

A View Of Today’s Real Estate Market

Today's real estate - 2015Should you invest in residential or commercial properties? Which one is more profitable in today’s economy? In this short article we will go over a few things to ponder before investing.

Today, real estate is a diverse market. You can look at many types of segments of this market but among the most interesting is the consumer market.

Many people assume that commercial real estate has to greatest income potential, but the truth is that this is a highly competitive field. There are few opportunities that exist for an average investor or salesperson. With private or residential real estate, however, there are several submarkets that exist, offering greater potential than commercial properties.

Look at high-end property homebuyers. These people have discriminating tastes and a good deal of disposable income. They want an agent who will walk them through each aspect of the buying process. They will want to focus on property amenities as well as prices.

Salespeople who are excellent at listening and who are willing to take care of their clients will succeed in the high-end market. They want to work with someone who has a great web presence and someone who can always be reached by cell phone or email. They want to know that they have an advocate that is going to look after their every need and want in the properties they look at when shopping for a new home. If you can offer this level of service, you stand to succeed in the luxury market.

For some people, the niche of foreclosures or short sales is a good bet. This is a special market where challenges present themselves at all times. You stand to buy a property for a great price, but you will face a good deal of competition. You have to remain emotionally unattached and somewhat ruthless.

Be sure you understand what this segment of the market is like before you invest any of your money in it. The potential for loss is great, so be careful.

The market will change in the near future. This is because of the economical ups and downs that are so predominant in real estate. When you decide to buy property, be sure you can afford it. Never buy more home than you can manage. Start by investing in less expensive properties and work your way up. You do not want to get yourself into ownership of a property you need to rent out, but cannot find a renter.

Finally, avoid being greedy. There is no room for greed in investing. There are plenty of properties for all investors.

How You Can Sell Your Home By Owner

Sell House Fast By OwnerAre you interested in learning how to sell your home by owner? If you’re a home owner,and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to sell on your own, then you should keep some information in mind. Below are some helpful hints that may advance your ability to sell your home.

1. Evaluate Your House For Value- Our first instinct is to set the price to whatever we believe to be fair. This isn’t the right option to take when you can get your home evaluated. If this step isn’t taken, you may end up over pricing, or undervaluing your home. When the price is set at the right value, your home will be sold at a faster rate.

2.Inspect For Damage- You should always have your home properly inspected by professionals before placing it on the market for purchase.This makes sure your home is in good condition so it will sell at its highest value. The value of your lot will be negatively effected if you are not willing to have it inspected. You’ll end up paying for the damage in the long run anyhow. It’s best to make sure everything’s up to its highest quality.

3. Use Different Steps To Market Your Home- You’ll want to make sure your home has multiple listings, using many, if not all, the methods that are available to you. The best way, and the most widely used way, to get your home noticed is to put a good, old-fashioned, by owner, for sale sign on your yard. If your lot is lucky enough to be in a rural area, one without a lot of traffic, then you may not benefit as much from this method. If you live on a busy street, it is likely that this method will attract potential buyers, so it’s not a tool that should be dismissed.


Put a list in a popular newspaper to get attention from people looking for homes . Many papers have a real estate section where home listings are present. They’re still individuals who feel more comfortable turning to the paper when looking for a potential home. Thus, placing an add at the paper could mean more knocks at your door to check out the place. The more adds, the more buyers.

The last step you should take will ensure you sell your home quickly.Use a popular website that connects people looking to sell their home, with people looking to purchase one.To maximize the result, use popular sites to accomplish this, and multiple listings.You should list your home on at least three different sites. This will lead to a faster sell time. They’re many sites that are built to cater owners and buyers. That’s why you need to research the best one to use in your area.

There isn’t a rule that says you need to struggle to sell your home. You just need to have patience, and an understanding that this will eventually get done. Thinking about how to do the above recommendations in an organized manner will make selling your home an easy process.

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Steps To Sell Your House Faster

Selling your house on your own can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. If you follow a few simple steps to make your house more presentable, you can have a buyer in no time. In this article we will go over a few things to get your house sold.

Sell your house fast

If you are in the Metroplex area and don’t have the money to do the following upgrades, then you can contact a real estate investor to purchase your house in as-is condition. So if you need to learn how to sell your house in Fort Worth or how to sell your house in Garland or any other part of the Metroplex, you can learn more by checking out this site –


It’s essential that you consider that painting the inside of your house is one of the most essential parts in marketing your home to sell fast.


Painting the inside of your house has several great benefits. For one, it results in you removing stains on the walls. Without this, it can be tough to sell your home fast. One other positive result with painting the inside of your house is it will have you removing odors from the house while also make the house look nice on the inside.


Also, changing the carpet is required to market your home to sell fast, especially if you have small children or pets. There are obviously several results from this. By replacing the carpet you help give the home a nice new feel by there not being any stains on the carpet.


There is another great benefit in changing the carpet, removing odors. This should help you remove odors from the rooms and give the house a warm feeling. Also removing odors from the rooms is equally essential whether you were selling your home fast or not trying to sell fast. Nothing turns off a buyer more than walking into a house that has a funny smell about it.


After putting in time toward painting the inside of your house and changing the carpet, you might feel you are prepared to put your house on the market. One other thing you need to do is remove personal photos and items. This helps in letting the potential buyers look at the property and envision their own belongings in place.


One other factor that is needed to help you in selling your home fast is cleaning up the yard. This may be the last thing that you want to do, but don’t forget about it. It is probably the most important thing to do to give your home “curb appeal”. When a potential buyer arrives you only have seconds to make a good first impression. So by all means, remove all of the children’s toys and cut the grass and trim the hedges. If the outside of the house is messy then a buyers first thought is going to be the same about the inside.


In short, if you follow these few tips, you should be able to bring in a buyer faster. Although painting the interior and replacing the carpet may not be cheap, it will in general help bring in a buyer faster.

Here is a video with some more tips –

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Selling Your Home To Real Estate Investors

We Buy HousesSelling your home can be a challenging task, especially where you are in urgent need of money. Apparently, job losses and other financial woes are exerting immense pressure on most homeowners to sell their homes fast. Are you one of those homeowners who need to sell their home fast? Well, if so, then you need to consider selling your home to real estate investors. Why should I sell my house to real estate investors? You may ask. Here are some of the benefits of selling your home to real estate investors:

  1. Quick close

Unlike retail buyers, real estate investors have ways of procuring financing forthwith. Their main aim is to buy your house as soon as possible, and thus they don’t have the time to compare your house with other houses. They are in business, remember. As such, they act fast so that they can deal with other properties.

  1. Convenience

Selling your house to real estate investors is the best decision you can ever make. The convenience is simply unparalleled. In point of fact, these investors will approach you and thus eliminate the need of advertising your home. They will come to see the home only once, if at all. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping your home clean to appeal potential buyers.

  1. They buy the home as it is

Save yourself time, effort and money for repairs. When you decide to sell your home to real estate investors, you do not have to do any repairs. The fact is; they will buy your home as it is and do the repairs themselves.

  1. They are direct

Compared to retail buyers who engage you in a tough negotiation war, real estate investors are more direct. They are familiar with similar homes and thus will figure out the value of your home easily. They will then give you an offer quickly because they do not want to waste your time and theirs too!

  1. They know the market perfectly well

Real estate investors have a perfect knowledge of the market. As such, they may be having a home for you in case you need to relocate. Not to forget, they have established strong relationships with reputable companies, and thus, you can count on them to make you understand the terms of the contract better.

Although selling your home to real estate investors may not give you much money, there are handy when you are in urgent need of money. Besides, they buy your home as it is- something that realtors can never do. Be sure to find a genuine real estate investor by checking them out on the web.

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Hard Money Lenders-A Great Way for Real Estate Investors to Get Cash to Get Deals Done

Hard Money Lenders

It goes without saying that hard money lending has surpassed all other types of loans as well as economic cycles. A perfect hard money lender will give you a good deal which is incomparable with other financial institutions. Hard money loan has become the most convenient way for many developers around the globe in terms of loan or equity. The most amazing and attractive feature of hard money lenders to developers in real estate is the low interest rates. Hard money lenders tend to eliminate the bureaucracy involved in acquiring a loan from financial institutions such as banks.

Hard money lenders are with no doubt a great way for real estate investors to get cash to seal deals. This is because the lender is an individual who engages himself in real property and is well-networked. Both the lender and the borrower are in a win-win situation in terms of profitability, as the lender will get interest while the borrower will acquire the property with ease. Considering the option of acquiring a loan through hard money lenders will save the real estate developer time. Hard money loans are made very fast, in a period of less than a week to be precise.

As much as the hard money lender is out to gain some profit, so does the borrower; this is achievable due to various reasons. The fact that the loan can be acquired quickly gives the borrower an opportunity to rapidly close a deal through the sale of property. In real estate business, time is of essence in terms of sealing deals, thus hard money lenders stand as the best option for real estate developers seeking to acquire a loan. The perfect money lenders will answer all the puzzling questions that the borrowers deem necessary as well as conducting due diligence in matters relating to legal strategies.

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Best Ways To Sell Your Home

Sell Your House

Selling your house like buying one is a significant project. Whether you decide to hire the services of an agent, it is important to understand what elements contributes to a successful house selling. The more information you have the more money you are likely to get from selling. Whether you want to do it better that you did previously or you are selling a house for the first time, having a good game plan in place to guide you on how to sell your house is inevitable.

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Get Prepared

Start off by determining if you require the services of a skilled real estate agent who is normally entitled to between 2% and 3% of the value of your house. Selling without an agent can save you money but there are reasons why you need an agent; selling process takes time, requires a lot of knowledge in real estate and involves a lot of tasks. They normally list your house in multiple listing services where other agents access easily. Obtain recommendation from acquaintances and friends as well as interviewing agents from your geographical region. Get to know how they will assist in marketing your house for instance strategies they will use to make your house look attractive to investors. Your agent should conduct market survey and analysis to determine the correct value of your house depending on condition, location and size of your house. Follow up to know how your agent reached at the price. Ensure that your house is marketed online and other platforms such as MLS to speed up the sale process.

Get Ready to Show

Have your house cleaned from bottom to the top including the rarely cleaned parts to make it appealing to buyers. Do repairs both in the exterior and interior including applying a new paint so that appraisers value it more. Remember to remove wall hangings, additional furniture and trinkets which can distract buyers. Although this will cost you money, a well staged house will be easier to sell and will fetch more cash for you. Place a sign of selling in your farmyard and always keep the house open to attract potential buyers. Remove your pets from the house because they may act as a distraction or scare away buyers.

Make the Deal

Decide early enough how much you are ready to reduce from the market value of your house. It helps to be prepared to handle offers from buyers. Get the best deal from price offers by various buyers. Generally the first price offered turns the best. Your target should be getting closer to the market value but you should be careful not to price your house very high as it could take long time to sell. Your agent should help you in weighing cons and pros of offers by potential buyers as well as reaching the best and most competitive. If the asking price does not attract offers, consider reducing and see if it will work. You can start by reducing with a 5% cut from the asking price to test whether that will attract potential buyers. This is how to sell your house easily and faster!

Hard Money Loans In Georgia

Hard Money Loans In Atlanta

Do you mend and re-sell residences for a potential profit? Do you require a loan for your following financial investment? Then we have located the best business in Georgia. Angel Oak Prime Bridge Of Atlanta has great deals of unique funding programs to help you get your next real estate investment residential property done.Many lending institutions wish you to pay all in advance fees. These include their points and application costs. Angel Oak Prime Bridge does not require these. They are the place for no minimum down payment as well as 100 percent funding in Georgia. If you can buy our home and also obtain the repair works done at 65 % of the residential properties mended worth then you do not need to pay any type of money at closing. No tricks and also no gimmicks. No surprises when you turn up to closing.

When purchasing a house to refurbish they will lend you the cash not just to buy your house however will also provide you the money to make all the repair works. Some lending institutions will simply lend on the purchase of the house and also not lend on the repair services making you use your very own squander of pocket to make all the repair services.

If you are a land lord then hard money loans do not constantly work for you. Rates at 12 % to 15 % make it difficult to have an earnings at the end of the month. Angel Oak Prime Bridge is distinct in the fact that you acquire a hard money loan as well as after repair services are complete then you could then acquire a normal financing with a fixed price for 30 years making it much easier to make a profit each month.

They additionally have fundings for brand-new building likewise. They will provide on the construction of the brand-new house as well as allow you to have drawbacks throughout the structure process to be able to pay your specialists.So whatever kind of realty discount you are having to obtain financed Angel Oak Prime Bridge is the Hard Money Lender In Atlanta Georgia that serves all of Georgia and can get your discount done.

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Investors also felt the pain of the down turn in the housing market, and if they weren’t prepared lost a lot of money also. Some investors were able to capitalize on the all the cheap inventory and become wealthy almost over night.

Some areas of the United States have since recovered and are doing well having almost pre-crash prices, while other areas of the country are still reeling from the crash. It is important not only for investors but for individual home owners to also know where it is a good place to buy a property and where to stay away from.

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